Environmental Film Photographer / Piano Composer/ Poet

Canadian artist Francis A. Willey

is an Environmental film Photographer, Piano

Composer and Poet.  He is a community builder and also contributes greatly to Seities  studio as one of the curators and artistic advisers.


His ghost series is an internationally awarded, exhibited and published black +white portfolio that spans from 2004 until the present day. this series is inspired Through his own personal experiences with these rare specters, powerful deities, phantoms or angelic drifters.


“Sometimes I was unsure if they were manifested or projected by angels or demons or spirits as guides. I started creating initially with indian ink, illustrating each moment on paper ... it got to a point where I almost started to think I should join a Seminary because of the frequent visitations. I further studied various religions and ventured to India for 6 months as well as part of this study of Eastern and Western religion in Nepal and Thailand to find a deeper grasp on spirituality and consciousness.”


His work is currently represented by Berlin auction house Jeschke van Vliet.


the  ghost book is the first published book of the series of ethereal images. 'Ghost' is his photographic journey into the psyche and soul and shroud of humankind.


He is the founder of The Salon Romanique and Unbound Morpheum.


in 2014 in the Fine Art Professional book category the ghost series and ghost book was awared with the third place prize. Prix de la Photographie Paris aka PX3 is considered Europe's biggest and most prestigious photography competition + Camera Arts Magazine.



contact info: [email protected]

I am an environmental film photographer and composer of music and light. A pioneer of a solution called 'The Stimulant' Verdant Luminul-An earth friendly printing and developing solution for film photography. As artists we are the healers mending the seam between the darkness and light- to expand the human heart with compassion and grace and the gift of art.

Artistic Advisor and Curator for Seities Photography Publication and Gallery.